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National Park petrified forests, it looks like today, no more than a barren, lifeless plohasts; but these banderyi – it is a living research laboratory, which bites that millions of years ago, this land flourished large river systems, forests, prehistoric plants and animals. These are two entrance to the park; Visitor Center "painted desert" is located at the entrance to the north, and the south entrance – Museum museum Rainbow Forest and gift shop. Between them paved highway 28 miles colorful, full of hills and winding curves, reflecting one of the largest fossil deposits in the world. Along the highway are a pullover and a short travel to areas with hiking trails and views that allow you to get a close look. To look differently colored desert should drive north of Winslow on Highway 87 for fourteen miles to the survey painted a desert. The difference in the colors passed amazing and worth the journey.

What can we say about the Grand Canyon? We learned about the canyon at the school, saw him on the national geography, watched the films that were made in the canyon and around, read books about it; but none of them comes close to that to really stand on the edge and look over the canyon. On what part of the rim stands in the canyon are a mile for mile rim, and each place gives a person something else?

The best way to see the canyon along the south road at the entrance – a walking trail on the rim, which runs from the south Kaibab hermit and covers a little less than thirteen miles, much of it paved the way with only slight roll and gives a wonderful view of the canyon. For the person who wants to go into the canyon, there are four trails from which to choose. Hermit – Rest, Kolb Studio, South Kaibab Trail and Grandvey. All four are rated as extremely complex, Grandview tracks only recommended for experienced hikers in the desert.

Leaving the visitor center and (hwy 64) traveling through the deserted drive for the next 22 miles, you should go for Canyon Canyon with drag and drop to the canyon view and four different sides of roads with the inspection points. Between the point of Moran and Clause Lipan be sure to catch the Tusayan Museum and the ruins on the right side of the road.

Tuzigoot National Monument, located in Klarkdeyle with & # 39 is the residue of the village of South Sinagua. Ruin is on top of the long ridge that rises 120 feet above the valley Verde. These are two paved walkways for fun. Plume for a quarter-mile loop leads one to the top of the ridge, where the ruins are located, and the second – half a mile in one direction and is on top of the ridge, which overlooks the valley.

Montezuma Castle and Montezuma's Well, which is located near Camp Verde and eleven miles from them, are part of the Sinagua people, who divorced in the Valley Verde. Center visits for both locations is available on the website Castle and has a gift shop and a museum with information on both sites. The castle has a paved loop that passes through the quarter-mile, through lovely sycamore forest, along the original source of the stream. The trail you can see the ruins of a five-story property and rock castle carved deep into the rock wall 100 feet above the canyon floor. At the site of the well padded sling, laid a quarter of a mile, which goes to the edge of the well, each day passed the 1.6 million liters of water through the two holes. On one side of the frame sits residential break large pueblo ruins. The shaded woods along trails around debris mahalinav with 39 & # is a constant flow of water to 74 degrees, which has passed through 150 feet of limestone from the well.

Highway 545 from Highway 89 – a 35-mile colorful distance, which leads through the National Park, Sunset Crater to the southeast and the Wupatki National Monument National Park in the north. Along this drive you can drive through the hills in the national forest Kakonina to dry the open valley.

National Park West crater retains two volcanoes, and 6.5 miles of footpaths can see the remains of what happened hundreds of years ago, when the volcano exploded. The trail passes right where formed uneven blocks of basaltic lava. Loop Lenox crater rises 200 feet through the woods on the ridge of the crater, where you can see the peak of O Leary and on top of San Francisco. Bonito trail leads to a form where the two volcanoes got cancer from the lava rocks. Zephyr "Lava Flow" on the & # 39; leaving a crater Sunset base, where you can see the unusual shape and form of lava and a cone with a spray. On the trail, you can see where every year & # 39 is the new vegetation.

National Monument Ukok shows six historical Pueblo, which can be viewed on the 2.4 km of hiking trails. Ruins Vukoki facing 800 years – this is one of the most impressive of the masses, visible from miles and looks like an old castle, which rises into the sky. Wupatki Pueblo situated immediately behind the center for visitors and a & # 39; Pueblo is the largest with 100 numbers. A half-mile loop takes important education area with the ball in front and a breathing tube that fascinating geological features. Citadel Pueblo was built on top of the mass and occupied every available inch of space. From the summit of the Mass can be seen across the valley for many miles of mountain ranges. Lomako trail will lead one to the two ends of the canyon and the ruins at Lomako ruins. These ruins are located on a pair of small canyons.

Greek National Park Canyon has two hiking trails, making it possible to look back into the past to find out how these people have adapted to this land. Astral one mile path descends to a depth of 185 feet to 400 feet, where the island near the center viyae circuit. Along the looped trails can experience the 25 rooms, which live on a rock embedded in a tin of sandstone, and other types of property dotted by rocks across the canyon walls. The trail around the canyon in the 7-mile road runs through a mixed yadlovetskim and pinionnym forest, where two kinds of canyon scenic views of the canyon bottom and housing cliffs. Rear of frame is partially restored car & # 39; ep and Pueblo.

Kalyazov Oak Creek Canyon on line 89A – about 28 miles south stretch of road from Flagstaff to Sedona. The early portion of the highway from Flagstaff – a hill through the pine forest Panderosa where Elk herds often cross the highway. 14-kilometer stretch of road from the fire Magolon through the canyon Oak Creek in Sedona, with its height of 4,500 feet – is an exciting area of ​​beauty and has been rated as one of the top 5 scenic drives in America Rand Maknali.

At the top of the frame is kind of Oak Creek Vista, which allows you to see parts of the road that winds along the cliff walls, and the canons of beauty with towering cliffs on either side. Initially, someone snake runs through the canyon around the stands and bends clips that hug the walls of the canyon, with perfect color yellow and gold.

If down the steep winding road turns into a gentle decline along the canyon oak Rica, which opens to the foliage of oaks, interspersed with evergreen pines. Thanks to the crystal clear bay oak, which flows throughout the year, provides excellent greens during the spring and summer. Throughout the canyon creek and the highway running parallel to each other, the cry is at one level a hundred feet below.

A few miles to the canyon, you can see how the rock wall changed from yellow and gold to ruddy rocks and cliffs, cutting off roads cliffs on one side and forest on the other side. Across the canyon can be seen from the very narrow width of up to a hundred feet wide, where the floor of the canyon under the highway dotted with cottages, housing and small campsites.

Loop Red Rock Scenic just south of Sedona – it is 10 miles; however, it may take a long time. If you enter from the bottom, you will see the valley on one side and hills of pines Panderasa on the other hand. About three miles, which took place around the curve, with the & # 39 are the red cliffs. For the next seven miles can drive pins and skruchvayuchymi highway through the edge of the cliff with stunning views of Cathedral Rock, Budapest bottles and Bell Rock. If time allows, stop for a picnic area Crescent, to swim in the crystal clear oak screaming and Red Rock State Park.

Atman – the small town of whipped aisle, but worth it to see the time and effort. Going into Autman from the East, go through the historic route 66 off I-40 just west of Kingman. The first twelve miles run through the arid land with several old farmsteads. The road itself is quite accurate with small humps in it, like a small children's slides. At Cool Spring Station Street, a historic building, now a museum and gift shop with antique mobile pump on the contrary, should spend a few minutes. At this point the road begins to climb through the Black Mountains, one of the most dangerous roads of America.

Over the next ten miles narrow two-lane highway is bent along the rock wall with curved pins and webs with a very limited number of guard rails to protect the person from a & # 39; exit road and fall off the cliff. Unfortunately, if one looks close enough to the cliff walls there are machines that have plunged. At an altitude of 3,550 feet, passing through Sitgreyvz, there is a road, a decent to Othman, a former mining town is now a living ghost town, where the height of 2710 feet.

Climbing into the city, you can see why so many people come here, it takes modern cars parked along frantalav shops, and people will feel like they are back in 100 years ago. Most store fronts with & # 39; appear in the early 19th century up to the wooden walks on both sides of the streets, like old Western times. The historic buildings along the main street, where he once lived salons, banks and hotels, are now museums, gift shops and restaurants. On the main street, which is a & # 39; is the only street in the city, visitors and wild asliki freely roam the highway, slowing the vehicles passing by crawling. If approaching noon, get ready to witness a bank robbery that ended in a shootout two costumed fighters, Billy the Kid would not meet these two streltsam.

Jerome Historical State Park was an attractive destination since 1916, when the house was originally built by James Douglas on a hill above the mine a little daisy. Currently, the house is a museum dedicated to the city of Jerry and there & # 39; and Douglas. The museum exhibits minerals, mining equipment and artifacts from the production of copper boom around the town of Jerome. To get here, you will pass through the historic route 89A up the cliff on a narrow steep winding road to the town of Jerome, created in 1876, with a spectacular view of the valley Verde. At the peak of Jerome lived here 15 thousand people now in this historic city is home to just over 400 people. Today, art galleries and small wineries are placed in the center of the city.

State Park Red Rock, just south of Sedony located along the scenic loop Red Rock – is a 286-acre nature preserve with spectacular scenery of red-rock formations. Family five-kilometer walking trail – a network of interconnected loops with views of the red rocks and lush green oak Rica, the loop nest Eagle – the highest gain with a height of 300 feet. Wildlife parks consists of a mule deer, throw, coyote, robots and many species of birds.