Try Adventure Rock climbing in Arizona: a hike to the top of the Browns, desert Four Peaks

With an average daily temperature of 110 degrees plus here in Phoenix every day, until the end of August the summer begins to be felt for a long time and extremely hot! I have been asked many times, how do you deal with the heat? Or popular, why would anyone want to live here, if you so hot? I usually answer, "Well, at least you do not have to shovel the heat!" Indeed, even in the middle of August here in Phoenix, you can go outside and warm at all times, because here in Arizona, it's so wonderful diverse that you will be surprised when you discover if you love the street, as I do that there is always something new, fun and adventure, to see, to study here at any time of the year! In Arizona, a huge desert landscape, vertical canyons and bitter mountain ranges and peaks, there are many beautiful places to go out on trips, but also offers a lot of interesting places to go and experience the adventure of mountaineering! For a cool break from the summer heat and very scenic hike average, only a short distance from the Phoenix area, with the possibility also to experience an exciting and thrilling rock climbing and round dance adventure, then you definitely want to check out the way the Browns Peak and apex at the top, the desert four tops Phoenix, Arizona.

Having lived in Arizona for over 20 years, I have always heard about the top four and the top four desert, but there had never been. So when I saw that hiking group TLC, which was led and organized by Eric Kineman, planned to hike and get to the top of Brown's Peak, in the desert four peaks to the east of the Phoenix, I thought, wow, that going to be a really nice and pleasant campaign! However, for the top, I was not exactly sure about this part.

But I would subscribe to the campaign and a beautiful Saturday morning in late August, I met with Eric Kinnemanam and a group of campaigns to TLC Casino Fort McDowell, and to 6.30am we packed our small group and were on the road on our way Four peaks in the desert. Of Fountain Hills and the Fort McDowell Casino we hung left onto Route 87, also known as the Beeline Highway, heading east until you reach number 203. At mile marker 203 miles, but before mile marker 204, the right of the sign for the top four, we turned right onto a forest road 143.

18 kilometers of all expelled from FR 143 mud was absolutely spectacular! Wow, gorgeous scenery and mountain views for miles and miles around you slowly padymaetsesya and inflated way with a height of about 2000 feet from the floor of the desert, up to 5700 feet as soon as you reach the base of the trail. I believed that describe road conditions FR 143, which I read in the references and resources provided for the campaign to be very accurate. It is traversed by the way, but sometimes it is somewhat uneven. Overall, I thought it was not very bad, but I will certainly back up their recommendations, although either have a 2-car truck or 4-cotton car to safely make this drive.

About an hour "off road" we reached the landmark nature of the Four Peaks Wilderness, where we made a pit stop and relish the opportunity to get out and stretch his legs for a few minutes. Before 7:45 am, we met again and were ready to move on. After reaching the ridge in a short way down the road, we hung a very sharp turn to the right hand at the sign for the lone pine trail and FR 648. From there it was just a mile or so, maybe less than that, we have finally reached a large area parking and a lonely pine trails, 5,700 feet in height, and the starting point of today's hiking adventure.

By 8:15 am, and all willingly profit and ready to go, Eric quickly began his march, going to Brown Peak Way, number 133, and each of us quickly followed him. The temperature was absolutely perfect, low 80 ° C, with a light breeze to keep cool when we made our way through the magnificent pine trees and forest trees. We continued to the origin of its straight forward at Brown peak-track, which quickly merges and becomes amethyst path, trying to keep up with Eric and stay together as a group. Views from all sides were absolutely spectacular, and I could not help but stopped making as many pictures as I could from all the spectacular scenery! From the edge of the trail, looking east, you see a beautiful lake at the bottom of Roosevelt. Gorgeous! Then little ways further up the trail, looking to the west, you will see a breathtaking view of the mountains of prejudice in the south-west and north-west, on the southern mountains and mountains Mazatal McDowell, as well as the entire area of ​​Phoenix !. Absolutely beautiful! The higher you, the more spectacular species. Amazing!

Two miles and a height of about 1,000 feet, we reached a part called a saddle or base-Brown Peak is now the height of about 6,700 feet, along with my good friend Dan and other comrades TLC campaign named Pam. Here you can independently decide to stop, or try to push, but if you choose to continue, going half a mile away to the top of the take-off becomes a Class 4 and is rated as very difficult. I took one look down, and then looked directly at the talus and said: "No way, I am very afraid of heights and falling, and had no previous experience of climbing, I thought it better that I stop there." . But Eric, as the rest of the group, click the first "scree" (vertical slope consisting of loose stones and boulders, forming gullies or "trough" as it is called, and the way in which it will be possible to get to the top you need to ), then to an even greater head "shower", which jumped on the ridge, he said. Then, without signs of traces of traces, they have risen the last 75-100 feet, and about that time, until they reached the top of Brown's Peak and altitude 7657 feet and the highest heights in the whole area of ​​Phoenix. Wow! And 360 species there, at the top, absolutely spectacular!

But the adventure did not stop there, and now it's time to rise and adventure ago. After half an hour of rest, fascinated by the view and the cool temperature at the top, they decided to go back again and started to make the descent. Meanwhile, back at "base camp", I, along with my friend Dan, another campaign TLC, rested, took pictures and enjoyed the incredible species, while we waited for all of them come down, "Strait", at least, we thought. However, they decided not to try to "debris" back to the time when we finally hear their voices again, they headed east. We looked up and first saw Eric, then one by one we saw them jump from a cliff top in the field of 8-10 feet tall, bent oak trees and thick brush from the bottom, where they literally were "nailed to the trees," this " one barrel at a time, until they were safe did not return to the bottom. It was very fun to watch, because where we were, because all you saw were the trees that are entangled here and there, and this thick vegetation rustling and bend thus, and finally, we saw their heads start to jump! and look at their faces as hysterical! But, fortunately, all voluntarily adpustsilisya and after a quick photo in the group after 12pm we walked down to the lone pine garden, waiting to come the rest of the group. They began to adjust to each other, and the final participants We arrived at 12:45. But they told us what happened with dignity. Apparently, a large boulder was thwarted, that is a real danger skalalazhennya, and began to roll right in my way. Unfortunately, one man could not get out of the way fast enough, and he rolled over her hand and broke two fingers!

All in all, it was another great hiking and adventure day trip, I found it very well researched, planned and organized by Eric Kinnemanam from a group of campaigns TLC. Although I never made it to the summit, it was still a great experience for me, because I'm really inspired right now to take a beginners course of rock climbing and might also join a local rock climbing. gym also so I could learn some basic technical skills the next time. Climbing, as I said – a great way to overcome your fear of heights, and create a strong hand, which you did not know, and be able to get out and explore the many new places in this. strange Arizona. So for a cool break from the summer heat, which is a short distance from the Phoenix area, whether you are looking for a scenic, but the average level of the campaign, or if you are going to a big task and an exciting and thrilling adventure of rock climbing and terrible life, then you will definitely want to make sure that you read Brown's Peak trail and hike to the top of a desert Four Peaks, Phoenix, Arizona. I think we can all agree: it was a really enjoyable day and gorgeous hike to get to the top, the strange impression that no one will win quickly and do not forget!

In Arizona kept cool!

Well, we're going again. Every year in spring time we watched our calendars and fear quickly approaching summer. Summer in the central and southern Arizona, where summer is unlike anything else. I'm actually starting to passionately thinking about it. There are a variety of experts with bizarre tips on how to successfully survive the summer when the midday temperature close to a few hundred degrees. I'm not one of those experts, but I have a few "cool" ideas that I would like to share with you.

The first thing to do is to stop using the Fahrenheit temperature scale. It's too depressing for me. I prefer centigrade, because it sounds so much cooler. For example, what is best for you sound 115 degrees or 46 degrees? I'll take 46 every day!

Another one of my fun methods – to leave the city. You will need to drive at least 60 miles north of Phoenix, to get some relief. I recommend to travel 600 miles to the north. This would lead you to a place in the Hall Jackson, Wyoming. If you can not leave the town, find the Jackson Hall picture and look at it until you understand how to get.

Thirdly, I would like to suggest that every time you hear someone say, "I guess today hot, but thank God, it's a dry heat," Take them by the hand and put it on the sweaty neck, and ask them: "whether it is dry? you?" you can not feel a lot cooler if you do this, but in the end we can stop talking to people, "but it's a dry heat." And it would be "the way!"

In more serious & # 39; ozna, there are several things you can do to save yourself. There is no real secret, you've heard it all before. Drink more water than you think you need, and drink it before you need it. Wear long sleeves, hat, sun block and lip balm. Limit your time in direct sunlight. Take an ice cream cone. Hiking, bird watching, swimming, fishing, biking, and not during the hottest part of the day. It's all common sense, is not it?

The summer heat does not bother you to enjoy your holiday in the fresh air. But be sensible and take care of himself and his companions. Summertime offers many wonderful adventures in the fresh air, and you will notice that our parks and trails are not so close, when it is hot. Now it is the steep part. Go outside!

You think about returning to Arizona?

When you move to an unfamiliar community, for example, Cave Creek or Carefree, Arizona, it is important that you are doing realtors Cave Creek, which will have an intimate knowledge of the benefits and nuances of the surrounding area. Cave Creek, Arizona, in fact, an ancient city of the cowboy, who, faithful to his roots, and provides a growing environment of residents who enjoy hiking and horse-slot games that can offer Cave Creek. Cave Creek offers homes that Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from simple seasonal homes to luxurious and spacious facilities. Cave Creek Real Estate manages a landscape of desert, mountain tops oils, gardens, club properties courses and spectacular deserts bordering on public lands.

Carefree – another fine community, which borders on Cave Creek, Arizona, where he also lives a thriving community with high shopping, dining and the community of artists who are jealous of the state, a few minutes from Scottsdale.

Real Estate Carefree and Cave Creek – a magnet for car lovers from around the country. Arizona offers a fantastic colorful discs on deserted roads that attract both cars supporters and motorcycles. Cars have to rest a lot, and many luxury homes Cave Creek and Carefree include facilities to accommodate them. Small garages are often included in these shelters Sanoran desert, where are the toys and family heirlooms.

Many people are surprised to learn that in a great state of Arizona also lives the greatest number of boats per capita in the US population. Thus, even in the middle of the Arizona desert promenade property – it is an opportunity for marine enthusiasts.

Of course, your professional at Cave Creek real estate will be able to know all of this information and a & # 39 is the reason that, when choosing an agent for a long-awaited move to Arizona, you should choose someone who lives in a society that you are considering.

Finally, your house Cave Creek will be an excellent central base from which you can learn about the rest of Arizona, be it theater district in the heart of Phoenix's up to the Grand Canyon.

Come home to Cave Creek or Carefree Arizona, you know it makes sense.

Preskot, Arizona – Discover paradise northwest

Due to its social cohesion and wealth shopping and dining, recreation and entertainment, education and employment opportunities, Preskott, Arizona boasts the atmosphere of a small town with big city amenities and Preskott aims to make the lives of their residents does not prehensile. southwest of paradise!

Preskot, Arizona offers education close to home

In addition to 20 public elementary, middle and high schools in Preskotse, school-age children are close to a number of private and charter schools. Older students and adults who want to continue their education, are located next to Prescott College, and from campus for Yavapayskaga College, Northern Arizona University, Old Dominion University and the Aviation University Embry-Riddle.

The Department of Parks and Recreation in Preskotse, Asian park caters for all residents

From the Advisory Council on Youth Mayor for the Olympics older Preskotse in Arizona, there is something for everyone! City Department of Parks and Recreation will help to ensure that all residents Preskota number of special interests and programs, which will be involved, in addition to the wealth of parks, lakes, trails and open spaces, which they can enjoy.

Viewing custom homes for sale in Prescott, Arizona

There is a rich and wonderful history that surrounds Prescott, Arizona, but new home construction sites, which can boast of design Design of houses available for current and future customers. Such home community, both enchanted canyon in the Thumb Butte, outside the scope of the proposed only beautifully decorated homes, and provide spectacular views of the hill and the desert and unmatched proximity to Preskota, the best shopping, dining and entertainment establishments Arizona.

Arizona Previous payment, exclusion and short sale

On the market in Phoenix, Arizona, there is a large supply of houses. Now may be the perfect time to buy, not a good time to sell. Sellers and builders offer buyers excellent incentives. Due to the high loan repayment rates on housing has become a bit more complicated. Lenders are tightening their standards due to the high foreclosure rate. This article discusses foreclosures, pre-payment and a short sale. At any time while reading this article, please click on the website associated with this article to get in touch with a professional Realtor in Arizona to help you with all your needs in Arizona.

Who ever people make their mortgage payments, those who are hardest hit when the housing is to buy. If a house is in foreclosure, which means that the home owner has not made payments for housing. If this happens, the bank is forced to fire home and require housing back. Once again they will demand the house, they want to get rid of the house. To get rid of the house, the bank must sell properties at fair market value, so that the house had any chance of a sale. If the fair market value is less than the debt on the house, the bank is going to lose, because they loaned the home owner more money than the home is now worth. If the house was generally equity home owner probably would not have ruled out the money, because they could refinance a house to get the money to pay the mortgage payments.

Lists apply to real estate agents, who are in the pre-lawsuit loss, which means that people who are in these lists are late with payment of the house and have the opportunity to go to the ransom. This is a touching theme of people who are late with payment of the house. There are several reasons why someone would stop payments on their homes. Usually people who stop paying their homes, do not do it by choice, but by necessity. However, you may help someone from the investor or property buyer, buying a house ahead. If you can no longer afford a house, maybe someone will buy you a house, so you do not have to make payments.

If the owner of the house, who went to buy, borrow three hundred thousand dollars for housing, and other similar homes in the area are now selling for two hundred and thirty thousand, the bank is going to lose. This is a good time to get the house at fair market value, maybe less. If the bank to buy back the house at home, at which point they have a home. The bank acts as the seller and the buyer and the buyer realtor negotiate with the bank today about the price. If the best deals do not come through the door, the bank can take your low offer.

If the property is in foreclosure contract, it may be useful time for anyone to buy a house. That is, if the property in the early redemption, has a certain capital. If the housing in the area sold for three hundred thousand dollars, and the person who is in early recovery, is obliged to two hundred and thirty thousand dollars for a house, a good purchase price of two hundred and thirty thousand dollars, and maybe two hundred and forty thousand. If such a floor plan simply sold in the area of ​​three hundred thousand dollars, it would be a great buy, as you have just taken a capital. Sometimes the agent will represent the bank and act on behalf of banks and agree on a price list for housing. The bank asks a realtor to sell the house at a fair market price. Thus, the bank can continue banking activities, the realtor can try to get the property sold and the homeowner can possibly get out of the mortgage, as soon as the house is sold. It's a winning situation for the buyer, the bank, homeowners and realtors.

Usually, however, when the seller is bound to more than a house is worth, then the bank asked a realtor to appreciate it for sale. If the bank says the realtor about this in this hypothetical situation, the realtors have to price it lower than the surrounding competition to sell the house. This is called a short sale.

A short sale is good for the buyer, it is better than nothing for the bank, and an act of desperation on the part of the seller. This is good for the seller, since he paid a mortgage payment when the house sells, but in general has a negative impact on the credit rating of the sellers. The Bank will not negotiate with the seller of a short sale if the seller will not make payments on the house. This will adversely affect the credit rating of the sellers.

This does not guarantee that market conditions may deteriorate. The cost of the house may fall at any time, so is the risk that the buyer of property or an investor should consider. If interest rates fall, and the market seems to be going up, it can be an excellent investment. There is no way to predict the market conditions that could worsen. None of the information in this article does not guarantee return on investment. The purchase, sale or lease of real estate in Arizona is very important that you are properly represented, so you know what you are earning. To contact the honest, experienced and proven realtors, please click on the Web site, which cooperates with the article. Arizona welcomes you.

Adventure kanyaningu in Arizona: Hiking Christopher Creek and cascades Box Canyon Creek and Alison

If you live here in Arizona, you know that it's too hot without a good climate and a swimming pool! Although temperatures may be sizzling here in the desert region of the state, you can still get out and enjoy nature and the outdoors. More than any other state in the US, Arizona is famous for its many beautiful canyons and gorges, to many of which can be reached in just a few hours drive from the Phoenix metropolitan area. If you're ready for a real adventure in the fresh air and beautiful summer day trip and a hike in one of the beautiful mountain canyons of Arizona, be sure to check with Crick and Christopher Canyon Box, cascades Allison Creek and discover the adventure of Arizona kanyaningu!

Through local hiking group, which I joined called the TLC Hiking Group, which was led and organized by Eric Kineman, I saw that the planned really interesting water hike, rated easy to moderate, which sounded like a lot of fun. Although I long ago went hiking and lageravav in Arizona with beautiful district Mogollon Rim, and recently visited the Christopher Creek area a couple of months ago, I had never heard about Canyon Canyon and Ellison Creek Cascades. But I always enjoy walking, go out and explore new places to travel to Arizona, so I was happy to sign up for this day hike.

I met with Eric Kinnemanam and pedestrian group TLC early on Saturday morning, and until 7:45 am we left the Fort McDowell Casino, rushing north on Rt 87, also known as the Beeline Highway. Drive along route 87 to Peysana – one of my personal favorites. Absolutely gorgeous mountain scenery all the way! We arrived in Peysan for about 1.5 hours, and then made a right to movement 260 to the east and drove 30 minutes and another 19 miles to Christopher Creek, arriving at 9:30. Since this campaign was not an official parking lot, and the road, which was carried out on this day, Eric advised us to park on site for day use Christopher Creek. Thus, for a small fee of $ 6, which has been strictly implemented, and having enough space, we parked their cars there.

Starting with Kaempfer Creek camping, we walked a mile away on the shoulder on the south side of highway 260, which is just next door to the right of the scout camp, we went over the fence, gathered a group, and then set off on our descent down to the Box Canyon. The path was not very well marked in the beginning, but we quickly found our bearings, and then went through the beautiful pines and forest vegetation, and only a small way, perhaps, about a mile, we arrived at the top of the box canyon. Wow, what an incredible view looking down into the canyon. Absolutely beautiful! After stopping to take some photos we went down the path steeply down to the stream below.

After all reached the reservoir at the top of the stream, Eric quickly jumped into the water and began directing group downstream, swimming and getting over from one falls and the pool to the other about about 1 / For 4 to 3 miles down they reached the waterfall 35 feet try which could safely hold only fast. With that my first experience of "kanyaning" I took it more slowly and quickly lost a large part of the group! Once plunged into my first hole, I found the water cool but very refreshing for a surprise. So one waterfall after another, each of which looked more than they should, I continued to slowly swim, climb, jump in the pool after the pool, trying to see if I can reach the group. I just jumped from the 10-futovaga waterfall fully descended into a deep pool of water, and then went on a few tracks later, when I began to notice the feeling of cold, and legs and arms feel without. That was when I knew I had reached its limit, and before that I can not go further. Christopher Christopher Creek – beautiful and popular place to study kanyaningam in Arizona because of the numerous small waterfalls and pools. However, remember that the water temperature is cool, especially if you have some time in it, and if you do not have a wet suit, getting hypothermia – it is possible and one of kanyaningu dangers. But I made it back safely with the help of several people who helped to drag me back to the rock. After I came back, it took only a few minutes to warm up in the hot sun at the top of the cliff, and I was back in order.

At this time, Eric is back, and the rest of the group went one after the other. A few minutes later again gathered a group, we began to march back and arrived at the camping Christopher Creek and our machines in the 12: 30-12: 45 pm. Once again all returned safely, it's time to go to the 2nd water hike that day, Ellison Creek Cascades, to the north-east of Payson. Until 13 pm we returned to our car and drove on route 260 west back to Peysana, then hung right onto Route 87 north for a few miles until you reach X & # 39; Euston Mesa Campground, then turned to the right on the X & # 39; Euston Road Mesa, aka FR 199.

It was a very beautiful and colorful journey with X & # 39; Euston Mesa Road, although some signs were still evident devastating fire on water wheels in 2009. About 8 miles through and soon after crossing the East Verde River, we came to a small parking area on the right from the campsite "cold source". We parked, went there, went through the gate and began the short hike, about a mile off the trail dirt road, FR 420, then hung a right into Ellison Creek. View along FR 420 to the adjacent Tonto National Forest area was really impressive!

The temperature in this August day today was quite warm, about the low 90's, so Ellison Creek was a lot of people as it is very popular and well-known hole for swimming in the summer months. . Once at the creek, I jumped over rocks and boulders until I saw Eric and group swimming next to the falls. All that day a great time, because next to the water fall was a large tree that was carved into his step, similar to the ladder so you can climb up and jump into the water from the bottom pool. Wow, that looks fun!

Once a couple of days to relax and enjoy the cool water in the Allison Creek, it's time to go home again. We started our hike around 4 pm, making a hike up the hot dirt road, but feeling much cool and refreshed now! We went back to our car and the parking lot before 4:30 pm, drove back to Peysana, and then headed down to Phoenix, where we returned to the Fort McDowell Casino to 6pm.

In general, a really special day and another great hike, very well planned, organized and managed by Eric Kinemanam from a campaign TLC Group TLC, as well as a beautiful summer trips and adventures in the cognac in the open air, which I highly recommend and hope to do again the near future!

Tempe, Arizona Vacation rental – Affordable and Cheap

Vacation rental Tempe, Arizona offers a relaxing charm of staying in the heart of Sun Valley. In Tempe, you can do so much that can be done only if the vacationer can linger a little longer. The campus has a number of attractions for a researcher, scientific-minded, and interesting attractions for the casual vacationers.

In Tempe has many interesting things and places to eat. Famous & # 39; Cafe kalasalnastsi & # 39; on campus provide various types of cereals with the students, who serve you in your pajamas. There are 65 restaurants offering gourmet meals and snacks daily, offering a variety of cuisine from Ethiopian to Mexican. Papagapark – a popular place for a picnic. The well-known shopping center Arizona Mills Street and Avenue of the Milli have unlimited shopping and street festivals. At the IKEA store IKEA has a restaurant, offers buffet meals.

Sunny weather & # 39; e Tempe, Arizona gives the outdoor leisure many outdoor activities. Arboretum University has interesting species of desert trees and well worth a visit. Golf on many courses around Tempe and water sports and kayaking on Lake pace – breathtaking sights in the open air in Tempe. Beach Lake Tempe Town – is the center of outdoor activities for guests of all ages. In the subject there are many museums and art galleries for every taste. To enjoy from all that Tempe has to offer, the vacationer needs a lot of free time and freedom. Tempe, Arizona, has an efficient bus service and vacationers do not need to rent a car to get around them.

There are various sizes and types of holiday rentals in Terry, Arizona. This makes it ideal for vacationers traveling with their family & # 39; it, and hospitable vacationers who like to invite guests to rest. The most popular vacation rental – the apartments which can be rented weekly and monthly. Many candidates serve golfers and arrange golf classes and lessons to improve games. Some luxury apartments are known for their views, amenities and facilities. Condos are located in easy access to stores with grocery products and restaurants.

Other recreation Tempe, Arizona – it's villas and town houses, which are often located in enclosed settlements to the holidaymaker could feel on vacation during the holidays. These houses and villas are fully furnished and have fully equipped kitchens, some even have swimming pools.

Building log cabins with a rustic feeling, but all modern amenities are also available for rent to give the vacationer a qualitative value back and feel for a long time without compromising the needs of today.

Most of the rental & # 39 facilities are furnished and fully equipped kitchens. Interactive Internet connection available for business as usual during the holidays. Minimum rental period – two nights or three nights in a holiday weekend. Some of & # 39; rental objects do not have a no-pets policy, and almost all have a policy to ban smoking. Violation of these terms results in immediate eviction without refund of deposits. Reservation of & # 39 rent of recreation facilities Tempe, Arizona has to be done for forty-five days in advance, as well as the guarantee of security and cleaning. money-back offer if the cancellation is made with sufficient information. This money back in tiers depending on the time of cancellation.

Rental rates vary depending on the season. Benefits are paid through major credit cards. Accommodation can be rented for weeks or months in the topic, Arizona.

Choosing tempera, Arizona Vacation chooses rest on holiday. Rental housing, rather than staying in a hotel helps the travelers slow down, that & # 39 is the best way to enjoy your holiday. Vacationer becomes one of the locals and not only takes on the pomp than to offer Terry Arizona, but also feels the culture first hand. Holidaymakers given enough space for adventure and privacy when a vacation rental in Tempe, Arizona is selected in a tense hotels. If the housing is removed, vacationers can easily deal with such interests like golf or fishing. Vacation rentals Tempe, Arizona Vacation rental is in an easy pace.

Why move to Scottsdale, Arizona?

Although the real estate market, which tend to be a little shaky and the economy, which some might call a little depressed, a massive step towards the Arizona sun seems to go unchecked.

For what possible reason you can move to Scottsdale, Arizona? Why drive to Scottsdale – a question that many people ask when confronted with the move. Only in the last few years in Arizona occurred influx of more than 100 thousand new residents. The only state, which last year received more new residents, was a neighbor of the neighboring state of Nevada.

Scottsdale has a share of its new residents, primarily because of the amazing lifestyle and a wide range of things to see and do in the city. Scottsdale has been called "the most western city in the west", and was listed as a hundred of the best cities in which young people live.

While many people see Arizona as a retirement area, as a place where to settle the elderly, the reality is that the Arizona, especially in Scottsdale, like everyone. Young people and older people, believe that it is a broad appeal and a lot to do.

Arizona offers over 300 days of sunshine every year. Blue blue sky, the proximity of the lake, which is inhabited by thousands during spring break, and strange sunlight. There are only about 30 days a year, where you will see a cloudy sky or rainfall, and the average rain is about 5-7 inches per year.

What a question, why move to Scottsdale, Arizona?

What about the great nightlife in Scottsdale? Have you ever tried Margarita prepared from the prickly pear, or your life better steak? It is likely that you will have no answer. Scottsdale is home to more than 100 galleries and cultural centers. You can learn Indian culture here, or study the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, as seen in his former home in Arizona.

Scottsdale & # 39 is home to wonderful shopping and a & # 39 is the release of the stones from one of the most popular tourist attractions in the west. You are in the State of the Grand Canyon. Have you ever walked through the canyon or visited the Petrified National Forest?

If golf – this is more your style, there are more than 30 fantastic golf courses, some of which – the caliber of the PGA. Golf and tourism – a large branch in Scottsdale. Perhaps you are moving to Scottsdale for golf.

Can this outstanding school, which can be found here for their children. Consistently evaluating training at the top of the state, you will find that Scottsdale schools, but private and public offer your children well defined educational experience as well as opportunities for higher education, too.

Why move to Scottsdale, Arizona? Perhaps, for the excellent condition of Scottsdale economy, excellent education, strong sense of community, night life, shopping, …. the list could go on indefinitely.

Scottsdale has a huge number of reasons to move here? What are you drawing?

Arizona insurance agent

Life is more metro area, for example, Phoenix, can pause for rethinking insurance car buying strategies.

In the old days we bought insurance agent in the street, because he / she was around. It seems that we appreciate the location of our relations in the last days, it seems.

Currently, customers want good value from a reliable company. And it is not always important, which is "our" agent. And this may be the right strategy.

Our neighborhood agent can represent only one carrier is hardly a strategy if you want to make sure that you get the best car insurance price. In today's world, we have not only a home phone, but the mobile phone and the Internet. We have a voice mail, email, fax and 1-800 numbers. Get to someone relatively easy. If you call after hours, you can leave a voice message, text message or email.

And in this ever competitive economy agents more aware of what customer service means more than ever. As a consumer, we want everything to be done right and done quickly.

For those who live in the greater metro area and still adheres to the old strategy of buying insurance from someone, because they operate far off the road – to expand your horizon.

On the territory of your country have agents representing many different carriers and are ready to provide you with excellent customer service and good insurance rates. They can be contacted by phone, fax, e-mail. Try. You may be surprised that the distance is not of & # 39 is a major factor in obtaining excellent customer service.

Arizona JUI: Apply to the lowest degree of

Arizona has some of the most stringent laws and penalties in the country for the arrest and conviction of the JUI. It is important to understand the strict laws and harsh consequences of condemnation JUI, especially if you plan to go to Arizona.

Legitimate limit in Arizona is 0.08 percent blood alcohol content (BAC). Arizona sur & # 39; ozna relates to criminal responsibility of those who are suspected of driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or drugs. A person can also be tried for the DUI, when their BAC was 08% or more within two hours of administration.

But in Arizona it can also be pre & # 39; revealed the prosecution and conviction of DUI, even if the driver BAC below 0.08 per cent. According to the law in Arizona, it is known that "disturbed in the slightest degree" Article 28.1381 ARS due to an alcohol & # 39; yanennya alcohol or drugs.

Awareness of laws and punishments can help you protect yourself from the worst-case scenario of convictions and fines against the JUI. Any type of JUI – is a criminal offense, which at least provides for a prison sentence, the deviation of a driving license, test and counseling drug and alcohol abuse; and more. In Arizona, there are some of the most severe punishment in the country. Condemnation will lead to adverse consequences that affect your freedom and future, as well as many aspects of your life.

Laws Arizona Duino currency: less than 08 percent, to a lesser extent worsen or do not have violations with marijuana

According to § 28.1381 Charter Arizona, illegal to operate a vehicle in this state in any of the following circumstances:

• Being under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, any drug or substance that give off vapors are the least harmful to humans;

• if the person alcohol concentration 0.08 or more for two hours or is driving at the actual physical control of the vehicle, and the concentration of alcohol occurs as a result of alcohol use before or during an operation;

• Although a preparation as defined in section 13-3401 or its metabolite in the human body.

A recent Arizona appellate court ruled that the man found with marijuana inactive compound in the blood can be held criminally liable for DUI, even if they were not violated at the wheel in the smallest degree. Arizona District Court Ordinance was that the marijuana enters the third paragraph "any drug referred to in section 13-3401," under 28-1381, which may include both active and inactive metabolites.

Penalties for violation to the lowest degree of the JUI in Arizona

According to the charter Arizona § 28.1381, main nizhey.08 DUI, but the difficult factor is related to the rules 1 P, s & # 39 are the most sur & # 39; serious transgression of all offenses.

Condemnation JUI demands 10 years imprisonment. 1200.00 dollars in fines, fees and assessments; The ignition lock device (IID) for 6 months to one year; suspension of driver's license for 90 days; examination or consultation on the use of alcohol and substances; and probation. Other sanctions may be applied at the discretion of the court.

In general, the higher the BAC, the more stringent penalties DUI, including prison sentence; suspension or withdrawal of the driving license and the use of court orders by IID.

Fines are generally far more stringent than the sentence than the JUI. Thus, a person may have been behind the wheel "with disabilities in the least degree," but if the event was attended by JUI abvastrenyya factors, it will be referred to the criminal liability. Deteriorating factors include third DUI with the two previous beliefs DUI; violation of driving a vehicle with a passenger 15 years or less; and DUI on a suspended, revoked or invalid driver's license.

Penalties for the aggravation of the JUI considered criminal liability. All the crimes that occur in Arizona, a person subjected to imprisonment, if the penalty is 4 to 8 months. It can turn into years or life in prison, if the accident, which is associated with the sur & # 39; oznay injury or death occurs as a result of the deterioration of the JUI. Other penalties include revocation of driver's license for 3 years; IID for 2 years after the restoration of a driving license; fines, fees, charges and assessments in the amount of 4 000,00 dollars, restitution, if applicable, advice on alcohol and drug use; possible withdrawal of the vehicle; utilities.

Whatever the circumstances of your case, the charge of the JUI can turn your life upside down. But keep in mind that the arrest – this is not a conviction. By law, you still have the right to defend their charges. The most effective way of doing this – hire an attorney criminal defense to protect your rights and defend DUI charges on your behalf. Perhaps, in your case is the defense, which you do not know what can lead to a favorable outcome.

With such extreme consequences it is important that you take the time to consider your options for protecting and discuss their work with a qualified attorney to protect Dui in Tempe, who understands the process that goes in favor of the alleged JUI.