Software development trends in 2018

The technologies you are waiting for may be in vogue now, but the question is will anyone remember it next year? Trends in different technologies are rapidly fading as we see many advances unfolding at breakneck speed.

What trend in 2018 will continue in 2019?

Let’s take a look at some of the current market trends that many offshore software development companies are following

• Blockchain technology

• Artificial intelligence

• Progressive web applications

• Low code development

• Security

Blockchain technology

Due to the Bitcoin revolution, Blockchain gained its popularity in the technology market. Now, most companies and industries are adopting Blockchain technology so fast. The blockchain basically describes a technology that allows the peer-to-peer network of connected devices to store data instead of computers set up in specific locations. This development of blockchain technology provides much faster transactions and authentication without expensive intermediaries.

Many software development companies such as healthcare are looking for applications in administrations, supply chain and medical data to make their process effective and streamlined. The tip for Blockchain technology startups is to look at BlockPass, bitTicket, and ALTR from Blockchain development leaders like IBM, Amazon, and Oracle. These leading companies are introducing Blockchain platforms.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning also continue to gain importance in 2018. Some reports show that almost 40% of companies and brands will automate their process next year. By integrating artificial intelligence solutions for the execution of a specific task, these companies will gain a competitive advantage and offer higher quality services to their customers.

Practical applications of artificial intelligence include voice-sensitive home assistant applications, information services, smartphones, and big data applications. Big brands like Google, Facebook and Slack are leaders in the development of artificial intelligence. Google’s recent plan is to base its algorithm on artificial technology in the near future. Artificial intelligence startups to see: Element artificial intelligence and UIPath.

Progressive web applications

PWAs (progressive web applications) are actually websites and web pages, but they look like conformist applications or native applications. This application offers the latest and greatest features of browser technology. Gartner listed Progressive web applications in its software technology trend report. These applications gained strength and are expected to continue in the coming years as well.

To provide the same level of user experience, Google has begun developing browser features that will work like mobile apps. Progressive web applications are less complex in development and also maintain the conventional mobile application which increases its popularity. To provide easy accessibility to a wider customer base, many companies such as healthcare and banking are using progressive web applications.

Low code development

Low-code (LCD) development is surpassing the conventional cascading application development method because the latter is labor-intensive. With the help of low code development in the industry many small and repetitive development tasks are automated and this disappears the team of developers and technical analysts. According to the PC magazine report on low code development, the following are some of the best platforms: Appian, Medix, Google App Maker and Power Apps. The magazine also stated that the main uses of low code development include database applications, microservices applications and omnichannel platforms.


Different headlines report cyberattacks on very large companies, but small and medium-sized businesses and startups recognize the need for software security. A study by the Institute found that 60% of small and medium-sized brands face cyberattacks.

If your business uses the Internet and you have a website, there is a high chance of a cyber attack on your business or brand. Most attacks occurred using automated vulnerable software.


In the years to come, software development will be more exciting than ever. So what’s next? These are the 5 current trends in software development that will take place in 2019 and most likely beyond that. In addition to these technologies, there are many other technological advances that can benefit your business in the near future. If you are running a software development company, these are the key trends that you can’t miss.