How to get a low price

Finding a low cost of travel isn't complicated …Some may also want you to believe. With more than 20 years in the travel / tourism sector, a leading editor for holidays and romantic luxury! Read the full report below.

You can of course spend hours searching on web pages, spending countless dollars on travel memberships, reviewing newspapers, and asking friends about their great knowledge of securing the lowest prices, and it is very likely that you will receive several options related to obtaining low travel tickets.

let's start…Airline tickets are a product and commodity for sale that are based on the principle of supply and demand. As demand is high, so are airline fares.

Your typical travel agency will get a contract with a wholesaler at the set prices. You, the consumer, will pay the current retail price of the ticket. It's that simple, very similar to the other products on the market. Is it possible to purchase a ticket directly from a wholesaler? Very unlikely. Wholesal in large quantities. Therefore, selling a single ticket is neither time nor cost-effective for the wholesaler.

There are travel agencies that buy a number of seats on certain trips and sell them at reduced retail prices. Agencies buy tickets at wholesale prices because of bulk purchases. Agencies that buy seats wholesale specialize in a specific region. For example, an agency might specialize in Spain; therefore, they purchase several

Seats in advance for airlines and marketing them according to their specialty. They can, in turn, offer great prices.

To find these specialized agencies, check out the Sunday travel section, yellow pages and / or library. Your library may have a way to search its database for SIC codes. In the case of travel agencies, the SIC code is 02 4724. You need to make sure that the agencies specialize in the area in which you want to travel to get the best possible price.

Online travel tickets …Some web sites offer a really low cost of travel bucking the system. In fact, they are linked with another travel agency, and therefore, it may not be so another increase and what you think is a good rate. There are some good websites that provide great savings and we will discover some of these sites.

Travelocity is one of the leaders in securing low airfare prices online. With a little overhead, compared to the typical travel agencies at the storefront, Travelocity offers one of the cheapest tickets for almost all destinations.

It's a site that navigates easily and you know what you get. Because of Travelocity's purchasing power, it is able to negotiate good contract prices and transfer savings to you.

Orbitz is another great competitor when looking for a low price to travel. Five Orbitz airlines started. America, Continental, Delta, Northwest and the United States. They have the ability to offer their seats at discounted rates. They have more than 450 airlines to search from in their database, one of them

Larger. is the travel member site. You don't have to be a member to display the various promotions; however, if you are

Want to take advantage of any upgrade, membership is required.

With the member-based Bestfares website, there are some hidden costs, so beware. This is what we are not happy with


Bestfares will reveal some great travel opportunities; however, they are usually very limited on travel dates, seats and other restrictions. Also, they have above average reservation fees. We've found that what looks like a good deal up front doesn't look good once everything appears on board … that might not be as low a price as you think.

Craig Dahl – Senior Editor


Preparing to travel

The world has changed a lot in the past century. Thanks to the invention of high-speed aircraft and trains, the world of today is open to wide-ranging travel. Within one day, we can travel to the other side of the world without using the savings of our entire life. We also have a number of options available to us to help us plan our trips, and choosing wisely can help you save time and money.

1. Travel agents. Many people have the misconception that it is a fee to use a travel agent. Nonsense. In fact, most travel agents receive commissions from sellers (airlines, hotels, and travel agencies); they pay the fees, not you. The travel agent can access deals that are not available anywhere. He / she can help get rid of a headache, allowing you to sit back and relax while planning logistics. Another benefit is that travel agents often include travel insurance in their packages, to ensure that you get what you paid.

2. The Internet. With the widespread use of the World Wide Web, travel prices have dropped significantly. With travel websites such as Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity, buyers can find lower prices than ever for flights, hotels, and package deals. the negative side? Finding the best travel deals often takes a lot of time and patience as you compare prices with other sites and book directly. Another drawback is that you can't always find availability at these low rates, but it's good to plan at home.

3. Guidebooks. Tried and true, travel guides are the traveler's best friend. Experienced travel researchers research and compile guides based on their own experiences, and it is best to advise anyone who was there, did they? Depending on your level of luxury, you will surely find a guide that meets your needs. Best of all, travel guides are often available in your local library for free!

4. Direct booking. Sometimes travel companies offer special deals to customers who book directly. This is especially true with tour companies and advertising travel deals for repeat customers. You can often find rates as low as half the price (or less) if you made a last-minute reservation. If you have the flexibility and design, this may be the way to go.

In any case, travel opens our eyes to worlds that our forefathers never dreamed of visiting. Whether you are traveling around the world or just a faraway city, careful planning and an open mind can allow the experience of a lifetime. Happy trips!


It must be seven travel apps

Have you ever traveled abroad and felt lost because you were unable to organize the itinerary? Well, there are now a number of new mobile apps that can help you stay connected and organized. Road warriors can ease their stress with these seven beneficial apps.

The first app is Tripit. Tripit is a travel organizer and very popular. It allows you to place your plans on your iPhone regardless of where you book your travel. You can only send travel confirmation emails to Tripit to create the itinerary. It also provides travel alerts, alternative flight suggestions, and frequent flyer tracking plus more. I paid both and free versions.

Next, you have the Turbcast app. Turbcast allows you to enter your itinerary so that it can calculate your trip smoothly or very badly. He looks at different levels of flying disorder. It is looking for moderate and severe disturbances along your way. What makes this app unique is that it uses the weather that flight crews are looking for, which gives it better accuracy, and it also has tips and facts about troubles, as well as great videos for a better understanding. It is a great app for travelers, or for those with mild instances of fear of flying. Our next app is Magic Taxi. Magic Taxi allows you to book a taxi from anywhere. It is directly integrated with taxi dispatcher systems. It allows you to book via text message and receive confirmation seconds later. Next, you have Jet Set Expenses. Jet Set Expense lets you make expense reports, total mileage reports, and currency coordination.

Next, you have the Google Translate app. Google Translate allows users to translate words or phrases between more than 50 languages. You can speak your sentences and hear the corresponding translations. This is great for traveling abroad. Next, it is the Travelocity app. This one allows you to find city guides, restaurants, nightlife and events. This is a must have app for any city. There are many versions of this both paid and free.

Finally, the last app on our list is World Mate. World Mate allows you to build the itinerary automatically. Tracks your flight and pays alerts if it is delayed. It has world hours, weather forecast, and a party account. It has great graphics and is easy to use. For more great information about travel apps, there are a lot of explanatory videos for apps that appear. There are also great review sites for online travel apps.


Cheap airline tickets – the smartest way to save money

Besides finding affordable accommodation to stay, you can save your money by purchasing cheap airline tickets. When your money is tight, you can choose to cut your travel expenses If you are interested in cutting your travel expenses, you should know some easy tips for saving money while traveling to various places for leisure and business.

It is very interesting to know that people on a flight rarely bear the same airfare. This is because some passengers buy their ticket at a cost, while others search for discounted rates to get the cheapest flights. Sometimes the cost of travel reaches a higher and unavoidable amount, but can be reduced with prudent planning and a pre-planned budget.

Buying cheap airline tickets is a completely different experience. There is a significant difference in the price range in international flight tickets and tickets for domestic airlines. It all depends on the market condition of the destinations. There are many websites that offer cheap airline tickets and discount offers from different airline operators. You can search for great deals on the online travel ticketing sites of popular travel agencies like: Travel,, and On these sites, you will find links to airline tickets not only low prices but also save time.

One of the best tips that you should get on tickets at cheap discounted rates to your destination is to be flexible with your travel dates. This is very possible for leisure travelers who can easily change their travel dates. Buy your tickets in advance, stay on Saturday night and fly in the middle of the night and in non-business hours. Another way to reduce your travel cost is by avoiding additional baggage fees. In previous times, there was no luggage fee for air travel. Once free, most carriers now charge money for the luggage they carry while you travel. A budget traveler who wants to cut their travel costs can easily do this by avoiding the fees for bringing additional luggage on the plane.

Things to keep in mind while booking your cheap air ticket:

– Always remember that ticket prices and promotional discounts are often non-refundable. This means that once the deal is purchased, you cannot cancel it.

– In most cases, your money will disappear if you decide to cancel your flight.

– Check the airline's price list before reserving online.

Airlines offer only a limited number of seats for promotional prices.

Most of the time, air ticket discounts and special offers are announced on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Air travel is great cheap and sometimes inevitable. Try converting your ticket into the envelope in your travel budget. Get rid of the extra cost and hold on to your budget with affordable tickets with bargain deals and discount coupons.


The difference between finding a cheap domestic vs. a cheap international plane

While domestic flight prices in the U.S. are more volatile (meaning the prices change a lot), the price difference between major travel sites like Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia and airline sites is no more than 10-20%. Domestic airline ticket sellers are divided into two categories: (1) airlines and (2) online travel agencies. There are a few specialized players but they serve a very small market. Therefore, when shopping for local airline tickets, "purchase time" is more important than "place of purchase".

The opposite is true when securing an international flight package. "Buy time" remains important (as is the case until the last minute) but the "place of purchase" is much more important. This is because air travel to Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America is somewhat less volatile (may not change much) but the price difference between different sellers can sometimes reach 50% or more. There are several reasons behind this, but the two main reasons are (1) the type of prices that are offered and (2) the number of players in this field.

Type of wages

Without getting too technical there are basically two types of international airline tickets. Published and unpublished. In the domestic market, 97% of the entertainment price (bid or take) is posted. Published fare you can refer to as retail fare. The airline creates the fare and rules associated with this fare and then publishes the information through a clearing house called ATPCo (Airline Tariff Publishing Company). ATPCo then distributes the fare to global distribution systems. Online and offline travel agencies in turn retrieve these published prices through one or more of these systems. Everyone has access to the fare. An unpublished fare (also referred to as a negotiated fare) is still issued via ATPCo but part of the "fare rules" is an indication of what the seller is allowed to access and sell the fare. It is basically a private fare. Another difference is that the published prices must be sold at the price set by the airline (there are no signs or price reductions) while the special fare can be coded. This is why online and offline agencies see adding a service fee of $ 5 to $ 50 to a published travel ticket. With the negotiated fee, the airline will receive a specified amount and allow the seller to code (add its margin) to this fee. Therefore, the seller may negotiate a $ 300 fare from New York to London with airline X, then set it and sell it for $ 345. Another obvious difference between the negotiated fare and the published fare is the fact that on many (almost all) airline tickets you will not see the actual price you paid for the ticket. Instead, you'll see only higher fare or tax information. The published fare tickets will show exactly what you paid for the ticket (excluding any service charges). As a general rule, negotiated fare tickets are often cheaper than published fare tickets (there are cases in which an airline may have an "unprecedented sale" that reduces fare levels for negotiated prices) and this is why the "place" is more important than " When "when it comes to buying international airline tickets.

Travel sellers

International airline ticket sellers fall into the following major categories:

(1) Major Airlines

(2) Charter Airlines

(3) online travel agencies

(4) Offline travel agencies

(5) Global federations that sell to the public

(6) Unions that do not sell to the public

(7) Ethnic supporters or destination specialists

(8) Student Travel Associations

(9) Tour operators

Major Airlines

These are the airlines that we all know like American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, KLM and many more. They provide air travel through their website and many other vendors listed above. They may display special web offers on their site. They do not charge service fees.

Charter Airlines

This type of airline is more popular in Europe than in the United States. The charter is essential when a vacationer or chartered plane for a vacationing plane “hires” from the departure gate airport to the destination airport. There are a few airlines that provide service to / from the United States that have their roots in charter business. It regularly provides year-round or seasonal service to / from a few specific US airports to one country. Approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and they must fulfill all aviation safety rules and regulations what sets them apart is their business model that allows them to sell seats that are usually cheaper than large companies. Some of these alternative airlines are LTU, Condor, FlyGlobespan, or Martinair just to name a few. They also usually do not charge service fees.

Online travel agencies

Players in this category are Travelocity, Orbitz, Cheaptickets, Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire, etc. They sell it published and unpublished for air travel. They charge a service fee. They also usually try to sell other travel components to you such as hotel accommodation, car rental, travel tickets and / or travel insurance. If you are traveling abroad for vacation, purchasing a package (where the seller assembles an antenna component with one or more ground components) can be an option and may save you money. In a future article, I will cover the advantages and disadvantages of packages.

Currently travel agencies

Also referred to as brick and mortar travel agencies, these are the traditional agencies where you can walk, sit and book your travel. Depending on the size and target market, their number may also double as an ethnic or a destination destination specialist who also have access to standardized prices not provided directly to the general public. Brick and mortar agencies always charge service fees.

Global consortia sell directly to the public

Often times, it is the travel agencies that decide to "dispense with the broker" and go directly to the airlines to negotiate their own rates. This allows them to then resell at a lower price without losing the margin. In order to obtain decent special rates, Al Tawheed International will have to provide $ 100 million in the agency's annual sales. Most of the tickets negotiated are sold without service fees. If the consolidator sells published fare, he regularly adds a service fee.

Consolidated global companies that do not sell directly to the public

In the days leading up to online travel, very few agencies would serve as their own merger. Instead, they worked through (unified) middlemen who negotiated deals with airlines. A trader negotiates the same $ 300 deal mentioned above, adds his margin and then sells it to a retail agency. Then the retailer adds her margin and sells it to the audience. With the development of the Internet, agencies can reach a much larger audience and thus have gained influence to negotiate directly with airlines. However, there are still many agencies, both outside of the Internet and online that provide Single Broker tickets. Due to the heaping aggregation an airline can offer an airline, these prices can be a bargain even after several purchases.

Ethnic federations or specialists in the destination

This is perhaps one of the lesser known (by the general public) sources of cheap airline tickets. They are also some of the hardest to find. The United States is a nation of immigrants, and ethnic supporters have traditionally served their national community or immigrants. It was and still is the cheapest source of air travel back home. Unlike global supportive companies that can turn over sales of $ 250 million a year, these ethnic outlets may only turn between $ 2 and $ 5 million a year, but most of that can go to one or two companies. They are very specialized and have long-term relationships with their favorite carriers. These long-term and reliable relationships are the reason why some ethnic mothers and pop-ups are able to secure airline fares that are 20-30% lower than any of the large online agencies. Destination professionals are similar in ethnicity in size and style. They have become real experts in a country or region and forged relationships. The difference is that they mostly target the foreign independent traveler (FIT). As I mentioned, the travel bargains that some of these outlets can offer are difficult to overcome, but the challenge is to find them. Google, Yahoo and any other search engines are often not found.

Student travel associations

As the name implies, these are agencies that target students (and in some cases faculty). Just as with the global reinforcement company, it deals with airlines and negotiates special discounts or special rates. The difference is that according to the agreement with the airlines, they are only allowed to sell to outstanding students (and faculty). Often, students must be enrolled in an accredited college or university and high school students are not eligible. The same applies to faculty members. Some agencies are better than others in ensuring that the person who is purchasing the card is actually a student.

Tour operators

Tour operators are entities that sell vacation packages such as All Inclusive, etc. They negotiate deals with airlines, hotels, ground operators etc. etc., packaged them together, coded them and then sold them as one product to the public. Sometimes, they will only sell airline tickets (at low prices) in order to fill empty seats on board. Since they have a fixed price that they have to pay the aircraft operator, any empty seat represents a missed opportunity. The best opportunity to get one of these cheap seats is usually in the Caribbean or Mexico.

Sources of international deals for airfare are abundant. Finding the right time may make a big difference in whether you get a good fare or not. While getting a domestic air travel deal is often the result of the (lucky) timing of getting a great international deal often is the result of knowing where to look.


All comprehensive package packages: an overview of companies that specialize in all comprehensive service packages

On most cruise ships, basic necessities such as accommodations, entertainment and standard meals are included in the standard fare. For many passengers, this is enough. For others, however, there is more luxury required. Most cruise line companies offer all comprehensive cruise packages that include a variety of additional features and premium accommodations.

With this kind of package, your pocket expenses will be minimal. What is included varies from cruise line to cruise line and from ship to ship.

The most important cruise lines that specialize in comprehensive luxury offers are:

• Regent Seven Seas

Aqua Expeditions

Crystal Cruises

• SeaDream Yacht Club


These lines offer packages that include air travel, specialty food, beach trips, unlimited premium drinks, and more. Crystal Cruises provides shuttle services to the ports. For guests staying in suites, butler and laundry services are available.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers all-inclusive cruise offerings to destinations such as Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, South America and Asia / Pacific. Everything – including round-trip flight tickets (business class), pre-cruise hotel package, tips, fine wines, and beach trips at every single outlet – come with one of these packages.

Aqua Expeditions is a newer company and specializes in smaller ships that can carry around 30 passengers or less. This is a great option if you want to take a cruise, but don't like the idea of ​​being around hundreds or thousands of people. A more intimate sailing experience with airport transfers, beach trips and wine is served with every meal through this company.

Cruise lines offer all comprehensive cruise packages

Some of the more popular cruise lines like Carnival provide better and more affordable services to passengers. For example, some of its comprehensive packages now include unlimited internet services. Usually, on-board Internet service is available through general ship-level coverage and internet cafes. Starting in 2017, there are now faster services and packages to choose from, ranging from the social package (unlimited access to Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc.) to Premium Package, which includes access to all websites, Applications and streaming services such as Skype, where speeds can get three times faster than standard internet speed for charging.

Perhaps the best way to keep all of your all-inclusive cruise packages is to build your own car. Carefully search for promotional benefits and additional packages from various cruise companies and only buy what you think you will need when you are on board. This strategy will initially cost more money than the average flight, but you will save a lot of money in the long run since you won't have to pay for a lot of things on board.

If you want to compare all comprehensive cruise packages, cruise sites are the best place to start your search. These sites work with all the best cruise companies, airlines and hotels to bring travelers to the best possible deals. With an online voucher, you can save on your next trip.


Eli Drake Netweb Marketing – Are MLM Network Marketing Dying?

According to Elie Drake and Mike Filsaime the old ways of network marketing are dying. They produced a recent e-book entitled "The death of network marketing." In the book, Ellie does a good job explaining why she feels that the old ways to build a network marketing business will die.

One of the main examples I used in her book is the travel industry. In the past, travel agents have been widely used. People book their travel arrangements through a travel agent because they know they will get the best deal. However, by entering, and many other travel sites, people can now book online from their comfortable homes and save money. This literally ruined the travel industry in the past. Another example Eli uses is the movie industry. Websites like hurt blockbuster by letting customers rent movies online cheaper than blockbuster.

These are just two examples of how the industry has been affected by the power of websites. There was a shift in franchises. Ellie Drake and Mike Filsaime called them NetWeb Marketing. By introducing,, and other social media, it allowed individuals to connect and build relationships online. The main point in Ellie's writing on the death of network marketing is that the MLM company will either have to switch to internet marketing or lose its competitive advantage in the market.

This makes a lot of sense for me as an internet marketer. I have been using websites like MySpace and YouTube to help increase the number of contestants. Social media has allowed me to build relationships. These relationships were crucial to my network marketing business. In the old days of 3 foot rule, cold calling will slowly die. I used to use these techniques with a little success. The biggest thing people need to realize is that cold contact and a 3-foot base are not widely replicable. People will not cool down to invite strangers and face great rejection for a long time. I think people will continue to use traditional methods of doing network marketing for some time, but it will be difficult and harder to develop stable long-term business with these technologies.

Elie Drake makes sense when she talks about the "attrition" factor in perks. It was a big problem and it has been for years. Think about how to maximize your attrition factor due to the internet. Many of their new affiliates are soon frustrated in their business when they don't get the money they were hoping for or it doesn't come as easily as they expected. These new affiliates go online and do a search on Google and see thousands of other websites offering advice and new systems getting easier. The brand new colleague starts listening to other mentors and soon leaves his company, tries another one or just surrenders and invites the entire network marketing industry into a scam. Unwanted new marketing network was born. The attrition is now maximized. We have to do the good job building systems that produce, so we can keep the attention of our partners.

I agree with Ellie Drake and Mike Filsaime that we are moving quickly from network marketing to Netweb marketing. I feel this is the perfect time for entrepreneurs like Elie Drake and Mike Filsaime to educate the network marketing industry widely before it's too late.

If you are a Wannabe Wannabe Marketer Network? If you want to switch to NetWeb Marketing and explore your franchise business faster and easier, click on the resource below.


Best online travel companies (OTAs) in India – get to know them better before using their services

There are more than 30 online travel companies in India with the exception of airlines and other hotel websites. Few of them specialize in a specific field. For the benefit of all visitors to India from all over the world, the top ten sites where you can book your trip to India are less than – MakeMyTrip, the # 1 travel website in India, founded and promoted by Mr. Deep Kalra, is the country's top website for any travel related products and services. They offer airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, vacation destinations, and even train reservations now on their website. Makemytrip caters to the US, Canada and Indian markets and recently makemytrip UAE also started. Makemytrip is now offering IPO in the USA and raising around $ 100 million. The subscription has been raised and raised about 800 million dollars. Their office is located in Gurgaon, India and they have more than 700 employees. Their code is dedicated to planning and booking holidays, including international travelers. It is believed that they sell more than 8,000 tickets a day.

Yatra – Yatra is known as the second best online travel site in the country. It was promoted by Dhruv Shringi along with two other players who served with eBookers prior to this project. Yatra was funded by the leading Indian Reliance Group and TV 18 Group and NVP and recently received funding from Intel. They specialize in domestic flights. It is also headquartered in Gurgaon, India and has more than 600 employees. They also book rental cars, hotels, holidays and train reservations. Currently, they are expected to sell more than 5,000 tickets per day.

Cleartrip Cleartrip has been a new participant in the Indian market for about 3 years, and is well known for its technology. As the name says, its technology is very straightforward and on its home page as well, you see no banners or popups. They were the first OTA to integrate with a rail reservation system in India called IRCTC. They live outside Mumbai and have a smaller team compared to Makemytrip or Yatra.

Expedia India Expedia recently entered an Indian travel space and is currently focusing on its hotel business. They still have to integrate LCCs (low cost service providers) like GoAir, GoIndigo, JetLite, Kingfisher Red and others into their investment portfolio. But surely, within a year, they will be the pioneers of the Indian market.

Travelocity India Travelocity is a newcomer to the Indian market and is advancing fast. OTA recently bought another hotel called Travelguru. It is controlled from Singapore.


How to get cheap airline tickets

Tip # 1

To get the best deal for any items, you should shop and compare prices. The same applies to airline tickets. If you want cheap airline tickets, compare the price between many different airlines. This task can be easily accomplished using some popular travel websites on the Internet, such as Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, Ticket, Cheap, and Book Buddy.

Sometimes, you have to search different travel sites to get the best result. However, there are sites that search 100 travel websites at once and find the cheapest prices. is one of them. My favorite is

Tip # 2

To get a flight ticket at the cheapest price, you will need to know the historical price of your flight itinerary. Once you find airfare or below that price, you know this is a good deal. will do this for you. On, you'll find cheap airline tickets, first-class discount tickets, and the easiest air travel planning tools. is monitoring flight fares, so you will be on the front line for the best deal in your quest for a cheap flight. On their results page, under quick links, you can view historical deals and sign up for Alert Me on Drops. will email you when your itinerary is down.

Tip # 3

You can get an even cheaper cheap airline ticket by using the airline coupon, others may call it a coupon. Northwest Airlines distributes the voucher to the general public. I used to get it in a buck-fall cup envelope. Continental Airlines awards a US $ 1 voucher based on a round trip airfare. They recently partnered with Chase Bank to run the promotional campaign. United Airlines compensates customers with a coupon of $ 50, $ 75, and $ 100.

People place these coupons on eBay,, Craigslist in exchange for good or cash. Some of them have no cash value (just like a grocery voucher), you pay for the time to collect, collect coupons and send them to you.