Flights from BOS to PDX – fly from Boston to Portland? Here is a guide to airlines and travel

How does one get from the east coast of the united states to the west coast these days? Many people choose to travel from Boston Logan International Airport, which is a major airport in New England, and head to a city like Portland. Flights from BOS to PDX are among the lowest prices, and a number of airlines offer great deals on this route. The distance between the two airports is just over 2,500 miles.

The following airlines offer reasonable fares for travel:

Spirit Airlines

• Jetblue

• Delta

Alaska Airlines

• Sun Country Air

• American Airlines

If you plan to buy a round trip ticket, you'll be happy to know that you can leave your car at BOS Airport for a very small fee. There are many parking lots to choose from and you can view them on the official website of the airport. You can also take the metro from downtown Boston to Logan International.

How long does the flight take from BOS to PDX? The average time for a non-stop trip is 6 hours 14 minutes. There are 90 non-stop flights available on a weekly basis, with an average of 13 flights per day. If there is a layover during the flight, the shared transportation cities will include Newark, San Francisco, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Time to book flights from BOS to PDX

It is best to try and book in advance several weeks in advance, not only because the price is usually cheaper, but because you may get a chance to choose your seat. Ideally, you can choose to set a window seat so you can see as many countries as possible, from greens in New England to midwestern plains, to the Rockies, and finally the Pacific coast.

The cheapest day to travel between these two cities is usually on Wednesday. Avoid flying during important holidays if you can because prices tend to rise. September is the cheapest month for traveling from Boston to the West Coast. Among the airlines that offer flights from BOS to PDX, Spirit Airlines and American Airlines usually offer great offers. Alaska Airlines flies to this route frequently and operates five flights a day.

Planning to book a hotel room too? Depending on the airline, booking site, and current tourism trends, you may be able to get a better deal if you book your room and tickets together. There is usually an option to add a car rental to this package as well. Find out about vacation packages that include flights from BOS to PDX and price comparison.

It is not difficult to find much on travel tickets – you can simply visit travel websites to get discount flights from BOS to PDX. Use this location to save in the hotel room and car as well. Take the time to look at the coupon codes online to see if any of them can be used for this trip.