Implementation of alternative energy – the role of government

Although many people in America may realize the need to switch to alternative energy sources, it cannot become a reality unless the federal, state, and local governments work together to create several mandatory programs. This includes that all homes under construction or remodeled should use alternative energy sources. Ultimately, there will come a time when all homes and company buildings use 100% alternative energy needs. Another important mandate expected from the government is that all new vehicles built in this nation must be mixed and be powered by hydrogen fuel cells by 2020.

Such compulsory commitment from citizens will only be seen today if the government imposes laws on construction and utility providers. The government should also ensure that all utility companies in the fifty states in this country are investing in research and development of alternative energy as well as repurchasing all the excess energy produced by homeowners using alternative energy resources. All new startups involved in alternative energy production should be given attractive incentives for their efforts to develop green energies. With these mandatory programs in place, the country will get three major benefits: it will become self-reliant in alternative energies faster; the economy will get a new stimulus to growth; initiatives that create an enormous number of jobs for people.

The government should give equal attention to several sectors within the alternative energy industry: in generating different types of energies including solar, wind, hydropower, biofuels, geothermal and atomic energy. Storage systems such as the most efficient batteries and hydrogen fuel cells; and infrastructure development. All of these efforts must ultimately lead to more affordable prices and easier use of alternative energies. However, we will remain as we are now, without government assistance.