Hawaii vacation

I have been thinking of taking vacation to Hawaii this year since our plans for Europe failed. I wanted to ask travelers who visited Hawaii for an initial account about the Hawaiian experience. I jumped on my computer and Google "Hawaii vacation" The results that appeared were less than amazing, "orbitz, travel, and expedia" all in the top ten? Come on now, I think the results should reflect more people’s content and then advertisers ’ads.

When I got to the third page of Google results, I finally found a website that provides me some real information about Hawaii. The site was, I have heard about the famous North Shore of Hawaii as a kid. Many films and movies depicting popular and world-class waves were made in Hawaii. I decided to take my vacation there on the northern shore of Oahu in Hawaii.

When planning the activities to do on my trip, as I am 12 years old and 6 years old. I decided to take the Arizona free memorial tour. This is the tour of the remains of the historic Pearl Harbor attack in World War II. My next activity date and all remaining activities will be scheduled on the North Shore. The Polynesian Cultural Center is the first paid activity and I will definitely take my family to this attraction. Diving, fishing and horse riding are other activities that I will enjoy. is great as I was able to download coupons for all my activities as well as local information on things to do and places to eat. I have already found our place to stay on, we are renting at an affordable price.

I hope our journey goes well, I will write about the whole thing and send my report. Our trip in a few weeks.