Cheap holidays for the British

Cheap vacation destinations for Britons can be in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Malta, Italy and Thailand. This article will make you familiar with some of these destinations. All of these destinations have some unique attractions that are worth seeing and also have different historical monuments and a unique style of architecture and culture that tempts one to visit again and again.

Greece: Greece is a destination that combines charming beaches, exquisite sunshine, small villages, rich cultural heritage, and resorts that offer the best prices. Greece has a lot to offer. Some Greek islands such as Rhodes, Corfu, Crete, Lesbos, Samos and others, constitute a wonderful holiday and all of these islands have different views and amazing attraction. Scuba diving is very common in Greece, and sights should be seen in the traditional villages and historical places of Athens such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis. You can find great restaurants in cities like Corfu or Parga and even find nightclubs in resorts such as Mykonos. If you are a fan of traditional music and want to try, then you should visit Halkidiki music venues.

Spain: In Spain, you should visit the Costa Blanca. It is one of the top destinations in Spain that attracts tourists with its charming enchanting coastline and white sandy beaches. On the Costa Blanca, the very popular destination of Benidorm, offers cheap accommodation in hotels as well as apartments on the famous Levante Beach. Spain offers a great option for cheap accommodation with excellent amenities. Other places like Barcelona, ​​Salvador Dali and Costa Brava are all popular tourist destinations.

Portugal: Portugal is once again a very enjoyable and enjoyable destination and is also one of the smallest countries in Europe. Portugal is famous for its beautiful and varied natural scenery. As for housing, you can choose from many hotels on the glorious Algarve Beach which are an ideal and popular tourist attraction in Portugal or even choose farm houses in northern Portugal. Aside from the beach, other tourist destinations include the stunning Costa Verde coast that offers scenic landscape experience, vineyards, the medieval Portuguese city of Lisbon and Oporto, the historic city of Portugal. You can choose popular activities such as golf, horse riding, various water sports, cycling and even tennis. During your visit to this country, it is a pleasure to savor delicious, local and rich gastronomic items.

Cyprus: Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, has a subtropical climate. Thus, the best time to visit Cyprus is during the summer. You can find many hotels, resorts, apartments and villas in popular cities such as Police, Ayia Napa, Pissouri Bay and many more. Coastal cities like Paphos and Limassol include water parks, Larnaca offer zoos and aquariums. You can also visit mountain destinations such as Omodhos and Kakopetria. You can go skiing during the winter and in the summer you can enjoy various water sports. Kykko Monastery is one of the most amazing and cheerful monasteries to visit. Cyprus is also an excellent source of shopping pottery, laces, silverware and jewelry.

All of the above destinations offer a wide range of attractions and activities to do and most of all visit this place and the accommodations available at these destinations are very cheap and affordable as well.