Alaska cruise guide: What are the most important factors to consider when looking for a cruise?

There is no bad time to go to Alaska. The leading cruise lines offer cruises throughout the year. The cruise season runs from April to September – especially during the summer months. However, the "best" time to go is really personal.

Many people prefer to go during the summer months because of the warm temperatures. Corvettes prefer the budget to wait until May or September when prices are cheaper and crowds smaller. The downside of off-season is that the weather is more unpredictable and flights have a greater chance of cancellation. If you want to check the "Northern Lights", the best possibility to see it is in September. Again, there is a downside to traveling around this time due to volatility in the Gulf of Alaska, which is not good for travelers who tend to get seasick.

When you plan a cruise to Alaska, you will find that there are three primary routes that most major cruise lines adhere to: a round trip from Vancouver, a round trip from Seattle, and from Vancouver to Alaska. You may also want to think about a cruise, combining a cruise around Alaska with a wild tour, either before or after the actual cruise. These types of tour packages can be from an Anchorage / Fairbanks / Drenali tour from 3 to 5 nights to a tour of the Canadian Rockies from 5 to 7 nights.

If your time is limited and you will not get the chance to take a tour before or after a cruise, specify a path that includes a road trip or two halves so you can take a small tour, or just enjoy a day in the port city of Alaska.

Where to visit on your trip to Alaska

You will also need to go with a itinerary that brings you closer to some glacier. The most beautiful glaciers in the world can only be seen around Alaska on a ship. If you dock in Juneau at any time during the flight, consider visiting the Tracy Arm Strait on a floating plane. It is a scene that you do not want to miss. Many travelers like to plan and book their own tours because the flights that are offered in a package across the cruise line tend to raise the price significantly.

Going a cruise to Alaska requires more than just booking the cheapest package you encounter. You should consider the city of departure (Seattle or Vancouver), time of year and weather conditions, route and communication ports. A cruise in Alaska can last anywhere from 5 to 21 days, either as a round trip or while a one-way trip looks nice, you might end up paying more for the return trip to Seattle or Vancouver before returning to your city!

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