So you think this is hot? Try 122 degrees in Phoenix, Arizona


Many people look at the last heat wave and think it's the worst temperature, which ever faced by the United States. Indeed, 112-115 degrees in Central California for nearly a week on a huge wave of heat for the region, especially with high humidity. In fact, 152 people died in the summer heat. The same heat wave caused the hot weather & # 39; s, when the high-pressure area was moving eastward.

Many have said that this is the hottest weather & # 39; e. Yet we were even more serious & # 39; severe hot wave in the country to do so. For example, in Arizona June 26, 1990 in Phoenix it was 122 degrees. Imagine 122 degrees and try to walk in the street or go for a run in the park.

So if you ever think that it's hot and unbearable, and you like to complain, well, try 122 degrees in Phoenix, Arizona? I've been there, and I can tell you that hell was hot and not too long to be safe on the streets.

Many say that all this heat is caused by global warming? Well, that day in Phoenix, I think it was 3-5 degrees hot because of all the concrete around us and it is called Urban Heat. However, as long as you were not in a temperature of 120 degrees, you have not been in hell. Consider all this in 2006.