Mount Baldy Super Cycle – Gryr, Arizona


West Baldy path No. 96 – East Baldy Trail # 95 and Crossover

Perhaps this is the most scenic trails in the White Mountains. I usually walk around the area a dozen times a year. I like to begin along the river and climb over the valleys to meet the 100 miles from the mountain. Wildlife from the & # 39 is fantastic, and for 9 months of the year, the head of trails available.

Instructions: There are many ways to access the following heads. By Igor, the Asian peninsula, take US260 west to the Great Lakes in divorce (County Road 261), continue until you intersect with County Road 273 (Forest Road 113), turn right (west), along the gap lake rezervatsyynaga you first come to the east bald head # 95, lasted less than 3 miles and you will come to the new bridge, known as the sheep crossing. This is an unofficial trail to the way the West bulldozer number 96, turn south and go down next to the old bridge, to park. However, if you continue west for another 1/4 mile, the official head of the trail begins "West bulldozer # 96". With Gryra, Arizona, to take Northwoods Road to Road 273 County, turn left (east) and a couple of miles you will come to a new trail West-goosey number 96 just before the intersection of the sheep. Alpine Asian American, slide your forest road 249 (William Valley Road) west to the Great Lakes, you will intersect with the ring road 273 after entering the large lake, turn left (west) and go to the intersection of sheep or up on a hill 1 / 4-mile trail to the actual management West Baldy # 96 – head of the trail is primitive recreation room, without water.

If you are going to march to the 18-mile uphill bulldozer Super Flex, I highly recommend starting hike to the sheep. N3357.590 & # 39; & W10939.495 & # 39; – height 9185 & # 39;. Access to the trail head of sheep crossing the road in the West Bald number 96, or with the head West Baldy trail west of the intersection of sheep. The reason is that you will keep your feet dry until the end of the campaign. However, there are now a rudimentary bridge across the West River Small crying CO, which can be used for the crossover – two panderasy, divided in half and put in place. Intersection of sheep just go south along the trail and you will come to the gate. This gate is the "old" West Baldy Trailhead parking lot. Go through the gate and turn left on the trail. If you're managing the trail to the right, you will be returned to the most important trails route number 96 in the West Bald. A quarter of a mile or so, you will come to a sign that says Phelps boats 3.25 miles – a crossover West Bald and Phelps Cabin was torn Forest Service years ago. Continuing south along the main road, you will consider a wide open valley with Western retail river Little Colorado as a satellite within a few miles. Fishing for trout was good, but the game AZ Game & Fish poisoned all the trout …. apparently to create a habitat for the native Apache trout, but in fact, it seems there are no species – very confusing approach to wildlife management! !

An hour later, fast and pretty quick trip you iterate through a small bridge and start climbing the mountain Bald southeast. On the way there is a nice sitting area with a large rock and a beautiful view. Climbing is sharply tilted by a few miles, you will agree on a number of trips. This is the most intense trip to the Super Loop. The trail is well worn, and the route search should not be a problem. After the last of the last reverse circulation you "dalivatstsa" at an altitude of nearly 11,000. "At this point you are approximately 1.5 km from the border of the reservation. In this section, the path is unique, because you are moving at a fairly level, close to 11 000 & . # 39; Pole border reservation is located in a small clearing and a & # 39 is the intersection of trails number 96 in the West and East Bald Bald N3355.015 & # 39; & W 10933,965 & # 39; -. the height of 11195 & # 39;. If you reached this time, you have just risen to a height of just over 2,000 & # 39;!, you can turn around and head back on to eat-Baldi-trail, but I recommend to continue the trip to the East Bald trail №95.

Trail East # 95 bulldozer, in my opinion, more colorful of the two paths. It does not have such a high level of use, as the West Baldy Trail and offers fantastic panoramic views. In addition, from the border Pole Pole you are less than half a mile from the wreckage of the plane, which adds a little mystery to your hike. The aircraft is easy to see when the vegetation is not too large. You will come to a clearing with a lot of stones. It's easy to remember, because you will put their feet very carefully to avoid twisting an ankle on the wrong rock. On the other side of the waterfall look south to the mountain, and you will see the wing and fuselage of the old model. Your descent takes you across the stream with little to overcome, and then after a few setbacks – you will ride on a fairly flat trail. After a mile or so the path will turn 90 degrees to the east and open a scenic view in front of you. Take a few minutes to climb to the top of the form, and you will see more than a hundred miles to the northwest toward Flagstaff and mountains. Humphries, colored desert to the north, even a mountain Eskondyda in the northeast, near the Kemamada, New Mexico.

Avoiding the trail again, you go down a few switches and the path will turn to the north. After a mile, and so you come across an open area of ​​smooth volcanic rock for 200 yards and so. This is a great place to hit myself and relax. Kind of strange and dark rock feels good on your bare feet – usually also from the wind! If you're not ready to relax, you are just one mile from the best picnic spots, which I found in the White Mountains. N3355.535 & # 39; & W10931.175 & # 39; – the height of 10.170 & # 39;. The territory consists of piraklastychnay volcanic rock and there are numerous hoodoos (irregular stone pillars – also the name of my golden retriever). This is a fantastic place with a jaw that immerses the types and variety of "wreaths" to sit down and relax. After launching and switching through the hoodoos you will find yourself in the thick forest. Drainage for discharge eastern Colorado River Small business will be off (to the south). The trail will rotate through the forest on the miles, and then opens into the valley. After another short hike along the river you will find yourself on the path to East Bald trail number 95 and camping Galbadona less than 1/4 mile from the north-east.

On the trail of East Baldy # 95 is the new car park, and it is possible to address any car – N3355.800 & # 39; & W10929.500 & # 39; – height 9480 & # 39;. Many times I have been on this trail in the winter months in a 4×4 – the road is not maintained in the winter, so be careful. If you walk along the path of the gate to the trail, then to the right (west) will cross the trail. Crossover Trail itself to & # 39 is a great place for hiking in the day. The trail is a little more than 3 miles from the sheep and rolls up into smaller "round top", and then immerses you into some beautiful meadows. These meadows are usually full of leggings! Even though that the intersecting trail sheep number below 95th track – Crossover-trolls will give you a few slogans hearts that pumped mountain slogans in the beer shots of your hike Super Loop. The trail will eventually flow down to the drain within a few hundred feet, before arriving in West Fork River Little Colorado. Sometimes there are makeshift bervyanovyya bridges, but they routinely washed out – for the moment there is one. However, if there is no bridge, it's best to grab hold of a branch and give it your best to jump over a small stream -. Or just jump in and wade, usually the water is not more than 18 "wet feet will not ruin your day at this point, as you are less than half a mile from your original trail at the crossroads of sheep and 1.3 km from the actual head line on the western noodle # 96.

Super Cycle Mount Baldy – this hike for 6-8 hours … my best time – it's 5:00. Do not forget to pack a rain jacket during the summer months and always wear layered nylon outerwear. Temperature temperature drop of 30 degrees is characteristic of this area. In order to accurately follow the UTM, provided by GPS, please adjust your GPS to WGS84.

Author's note: Super Loop Mount Baldy was damaged at a low level in some areas due to the 538,000-acre Wave lights (summer 2010). Most views are now scorched mosaic pattern. It was the largest fire in Arizona history, who lived 850 square miles. The author lost his home and two companies of the irresponsibility and negligence of the National Team Apache Forest farm. Thousands of lives were affected, and the government did not have the economic means of the field. The author lives 300 miles from the southern edge of the Grand Canyon.