Do not disturb! Haunted Hotels in Arizona


Another Halloween is approaching and what better way to celebrate than to stay in a hotel with ghosts! If you live or are visiting Arizona time this pagan festival, there are many opportunities to find himself a ghost, Zoyks Scooby! So get your digital voice recorders, EMF detectors, night vision camera, and an extra pair of underwear, ready to hunt for ghosts.

San Carlos Hotel

The first place where the majority of visitors to Arizona – Phoenix – the capital and the 5th largest in the US. Do not forget to stay the night at the San Carlos, which is said to be about the present day and ancient spirits manifest themselves. The hotel is in continuous operation since 1928 and in less than 2 months after the opening of the hotel Arizona Republican (Now The Arizona Republic – or "pushes" depending on the day) 22-year-old Leone Jenson jumped to her death. Papavzali rumors that Jenson raped by her boyfriend and / or had a relationship with another woman. Although most of the evidence points to suicide, some have suggested that she may have been killed by her boyfriend and another woman. Her ghost appears as a white, cloudy figure, which is accompanied by a terrible groan. Mwuhahahaha!

hotel Vendome

If you are looking for a place where you can visit many places with ghosts, go in Prescott, Arizona. Preskott became the first and third of the territorial capital of the Arizona Territory before Phoenix became its capital in 1889. Preskot continued his history and can be seen in the restored Victorian homes and courthouse in the city center.

16 room Hotel Vendome, is reportedly haunted by the ghost of Abby Bair and her cat, noble. In 1920 the Abby and her husband – an unknown name – owned hotel, but after the fall of the hard times had to sell. The new owners allowed the couple and their cat to stay in the hotel – Room 16. Abby suffered from tuberculosis, and since her illness became worse, it is less able to fend for themselves. In 1921, her husband went to get cigarettes or drugs and never returned. Her illness and depression forced her to lie down, not wanting to take medication or food. In February 1921, 33-year-old Abby died, and was soon Noble.

People who stayed in room 16, seen, heard, and smelled Abby. The guests said that they saw a bizarre reflection of Abby in the mirror-cabinet, while others claim that they see it quite in detail. Guests have also reported moving blankets and the smell of perfume and roses.

However, history does not support the existence of Abby, but have a history of other people who lived in the hotel and on the ground before the Vendome hotel was built. Abby; therefore not only an idea, occurring in the territory of the property, as guests have reported that children and the man found in the premises, as well as the strange happenings, such as the rotation is not RAZMERAYUTS signs and cranes, lights and fans are switched on and off.

Inn Clawson House

Bisbee, Arizona – another city in Arizona with many places with ghosts. Founded in 1880 in the city for copper mining, gold and silver, is currently Bisbee has slightly more than 6,000 people, as well as a healthy population of ghosts.

In Clawson House Inn has a lot of places with ghosts and carries with it a history of the city production. The tavern was built in 1895. Mr. Klavsanam, the head of the mine, which was used as a residence and later a boarding house for mine workers. At the end of 1890 in the south-west of the city has passed a labor dispute at the mine named after the Queen, and the miners went on strike. While the strike of miners were arrested and moved out of the city, replacing workers migrated and occupied the vacant job. Three of the workers found a landing and death at the Clawson House Inn. Rumor has it that some amazing miners returned to the town and killed three new jobs in the walls of the house. They are said to still haunt the inn today, and they are not Casper!

Grand Hotel Hotel Jerome

As Bisbee, Jerome, Arizona, it was also a mining town. Founded in 1883, in Jerome once had more than 15 000 people (there are more than 350 people) and up to 1950 housed the workers neighboring mine "O & # 39; The United Verde" which made more than $ 1 billion in copper, gold and silver. In its heyday in the 1903 New York Sun Jerome was a hotbed of prostitution and gambling, which gave him the label "nayboleyshaga city in the west."

Grand Hotel "Jerome" began working in the hospital "O & # 39 combined Verde" in 1927 for the treatment of sick and injured miners. Many patients are brought to the area of ​​30 000 square feet, died there on the mountain or injuries production, delivery, from a mental illness or an accident. One person was killed in 1935 when he was defeated by the hospital elevator. If the mines dried up, in 1950, the hospital was closed in '44, until it was acquired and redesigned as a hotel to accommodate the many visitors one of the greatest tourist attractions of Arizona.

Ghosts at the hotel are manifested through signs, sounds and movement. Before the hotel was purchased in 1994, it was reported that the light is switched on and off until the house had no electricity. Passers-by would hear screams, moans and hardworking breath. Today, guests and hotel staff report to see ghosts nurse and patient. They also report evidence that human ghost, who died under the elevator, wanders through the field, the light switches on and off in unoccupied rooms, the smell of cigars and moans and cries of past patients.

These are just a few of the many hotels with ghosts, which can be found in Arizona. But you decided to stay in one, just remember, you can sleep at night, but do not expect much sleep! In addition, this is probably the only old Mr. Withers, who is trying to scare you dear children.