Search for homes in Arizona – Choosing a home inspector in Arizona


For most of us, our home is the biggest investment that we will make in their lifetime. It will also be one of the most complex transactions for most of us. First, search the house involves difficult decisions regarding the placement of schools, financing and capital more filtering through hundreds or even thousands of & # 39 properties. After searching the house Various questions arise: writing proposals, terms of the offer, to find the right lender, selecting the right loan program, passing a decree the procedure and the conditions of the contract.

At the center of it all – this property which we are trying to acquire. The houses consist of major systems such as plumbing, electrical, refrigeration or heating. The house itself is a complex combination of systems and subsystems. Literally, there may be hundreds of defects which are not obvious to the naked eye. A professional home inspector will examine the entire structure from the roof down to the foundation, internal and external, and all electrical and mechanical parts of the house.

"Beware of the buyer" was once the mantra. This is no longer the case in Arizona. Contract of the Arizona Association of Realtors housing provides two significant measures to protect consumers: the first, for a certain period for the buyer's inspection of the property professional home inspector can be carried out. Secondly, in the process is the mechanism that provides the opportunity to discover the Seller to the Buyer all known defects. Disclosure Statement property of the seller (SPDS) – a form that specifies all the possible issues relating to the property. If the Buyer does not waive the requirements of the initial offer, the seller must complete the form and submit it to the buyer within 5 days after signing the contract. Buyers, sellers who compare the answers with the inspection report have in-depth knowledge of the property before the end of the demonstration. After checking the agreement allows the buyer to ask the seller repair of major systems before closing escrow.

Arizona home inspectors must be registered and certified in the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration. This advice from the & # 39 is also the regulatory authority for architects, analyzers, clandestine laboratories addicts, corrections workers in the field and in the field, engineers, geologists, home inspectors, landscape architects, surveyors and rehabilitation specialists.

Certificate of Arizona requires at least 80 hours of classroom training, successful completion of a national home inspection inspection and 30 parallel tests in the presence of a certified home inspector.

Thus, the question: "As a buyer selects a home inspector?"

First, make sure that they have received a license from the state, and then ask the following questions:

They & # 39 are members of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)?

Remember the difference between membership and "the inspection in accordance with ASHI Standards".

They & # 39 are members of the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI)?

Or & # 39 they are cosmic, and insurance or they are insurance against mistakes and shortcomings?

What is their past experience?

They & # 39 are members of the Bureau to improve the business?

Other membership related to inspections?

What are their prices?

Additional tests or checks that the buyer may want to consider include products which destroy timber, lead-based paint, mold, radon gas, water analysis, carbon monoxide and alternative systems of waste disposal. Not all home inspectors are qualified to do the inspections or tests. Perhaps, there will be an additional charge, as they are above the normal qualifications of inspectors.

It is important to remember that a home inspector from the & # 39 is the common man. As a buyer, you can also consider additional tests of major systems such as the roof, refrigeration, plumbing and electrical contractor, licensed in these fields.

Although there are no guarantees that any defects are found, and to avoid any future problems, the present process in Arizona allows home buyers to have confidence in their decisions.