Gold mine in Arizona


Across Arizona, there are many small gold mines. But even if these mines produce enough gold, large companies are not always interested in buying them.

Operating mine in Goldfield, Arizona, with a & # 39 is one of such mines. The owner said that produces more gold than any other metal: 75% gold and 25% silver. He also said that the amount of gold that is in mine, could grow to $ 60 million. The only problem is that he is too old to stay in this business, and he hopes to find a small Canadian mining company to become its partner.

Back in the 1850s, Goldfield was an important mine after a silence in California killed. After several major discoveries of gold, Goldfield managed for some time to become the second largest producer of America. Arizona has been and remains attractive for the owners and searchers from other states.

Mayor Goldfield has two mines: Black Queen and the mammoth. He says that every week arrivals, which are mainly unemployed or bankrupt company owners, who come to Goldfield in hopes of gold strike. Most of them are starting to buy picks and pans and trying to find a place by the river, where you can spend the camp. The downside is that few lasting more than two months before we pack everything and go home. On the other hand, owners of gold mines have suras & # 39; a serious chance to discover shiny metal.

The disadvantage of a problem with & # 39 is that in order to determine whether there is a significant amount of gold in the mines, you need to make a number of expensive tests. Easy to transport materials to the site is worth millions. To mine was profitable, except for the yellow metal should be made more minerals, it is desirable to valuable minerals. While some are willing to sell the mines in place, while others are trying to work twice over the weekend in hopes of gold impression.