Hiking trails in Arizona – to go more than a prickly path

Did you know that the flower of Arizona – Saguaro cactus flower is? You can guess that the Arizona state bird? It Cactus Wren. There are even areas of the city and national parks, named in honor of the barbed vegetation. You can see the correlation already.

When Americans think of Arizona, they come to mind images of spontaneous great deserts, arid and empty lands with cacti-monsters. But one of the pictures that you could never imagine – that's the beauty of Arizona hiking trails. Hiking trails cross the entire state of Arizona. If you are planning a vacation trip to Arizona, then you are wise to try some of these famous, almost legendary, hiking trails. Here's where to go and how best to plan for some of the most extensive hiking routes in Arizona, where you're guaranteed to see more than just cacti.

For your hiking addicts, Arizona, Canyon Way Virtue Party over 37 miles of track, canyons and sandstone. Narrow canyons that make up the majority of the walls of the Canyon of the Party – is a feature that is rarely seen in the empty passerby. Near the border of Utah, Paria Canyon-piste literally crowned by the state and with the & # 39 is a top hiking trails in Arizona. This trail may be easier for those Trampler, who do not like hills. On the entire route there is only a small income on a hill.

If you spoiled the days spent in campaigns, perhaps the South Kaibab Trail will keep legs enthusiasm. This hiking trail in Arizona – a much smaller tourist trip than the aforementioned pair Canyon trail. Just 14 miles you will be able to slide along this path through two or (in the segment) for three days. This path offers some of the most simple means to the Colorado River. Do you want to upload your hiking poles and other necessary equipment for the night for camping, such as packages for moisture and dining rooms, as a couple of trails, as well as for South Kaibab.

If you do not believe in superstition, perhaps the Arizona trail from the mountain of prejudice will change your feelings. This hiking trail in Arizona, or, at least, in Gori, you can see from Apache junction. You go on the road and walk ryzharskiya settings across the country, all for the namesake of hiking. This hiking trail in Arizona just 19 miles in length provides a multi-day hike for those who are a little more hardcore.

Or, if you want a piece of the superstitious mountain, jump on the trail Failures (3 miles). You will need to win a compass, but be sure to pack an umbrella, chairs, cooler and grill. Take a picnic lunch and learn Spanish miners bored ambushed not long ago.

Hiking trails in Arizona give new meaning to Mother Nature. Natural world carved here allows people to see marching past seemingly frozen in rock formations. Colorful hues create a world unlike anywhere in the United States. Do not forget to pack your best camping equipment and walking gear (http://www.merelycamping.com) for the state, which offers some of the most drastic (cactus pun intended) trails on which you will always struggle.