Jersey Arizona Cardinals – are you a fan?

Arizona Cardinals were founded in Chicago in 1898 as the Morgan Athletic Club, which makes them the oldest professional football team in America. They became members of the NFL in 1920, and along the Chicago Bears are the only two original franchise that live today. In 1960 they moved to St. Louis, where he stayed until 1988, when it moved to its current home in Tempe, Arizona. The Cardinals have won two championships in 1825 and 1947, although the title of 1925 is still disputed. They play games on the University of Phoenix Stadium in the north-western suburbs of Phoenix, Glendale. In 1994 they changed the name to the Arizona Cardinals. Below we look at T-shirts Arizona Cardinals, so if you’re a fan of this team, you can pay attention to this article.
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Arizona Cardinals colors – red, white and black. they first used the red jersey in 1901, when they acquired Chris O & # 39; Braen. Since then, primarily used various combinations of red and white. T-shirt can be white or red, or white pants with red stripes of the parties, or red with white stripes, with white helmets. An alternative construction has a number of shoulders on the edges opposite to the top of the shoulders, as usual. In 1998, after moving at the pace they have added to the Arizona flag sleeveless shirt.
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2006 marks the first significant change in the appearance of a homogeneous century. The Cardinals are trying to stop its loss-making streak of 6 games for the first time wearing red pants against the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately, it did not work and they lost the game 31-14. Then they tried all the combination of red against Dallas and lost again, 27-10. During the rest of the season the Cardinals never wore red trousers, and have won 4 of their last seven games.
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Despite the disappointing results, they decided to give the red pants another chance next season and again wore them for several games in 2007. In three home games they tried again to all the red combination. Apparently, the results were not satisfied, since the 2008 season they wore red paint.
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Like many teams that play their home games in a warm climate, the Cardinals always wore white jerseys when playing at home. This left the guest suffer the darker jerseys, when the Arizona sun shone mercilessly on them.
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This tradition ended in 2006, when the Cardinals moved to the University of Phoenix Stadium, due to the fact that it has a movable roof, which made this strategy obsolete. They changed the home jerseys to red, and although they occasionally play in white, the official home jersey with & # 39 is red.

Surprisingly, the team first put its logo on their helmets in 1960, although the cardinal bird has been their trademark since 1947. The logo was redesigned in 2005, giving it a more menacing appearance. However, his opponents immediately called parrots.

Team mascot, Big Red, – one of the most famous mascots NFL. According to his official biography of the club, he hatched October 4, 1998. It height of 6 feet 4 inches, a wingspan of 7 feet. Big Red never misses a home game with the Cardinals and & # 39 is a great inspiration for the players and for the fans.